OnceHub service and support

We offer multiple channels of support to assist you in starting and maintaining your OnceHub Account. Read on to learn about how to utilize OnceHub service and support. 

Introduction to OnceHub support

Instant answers

Our knowledge base maintains hundreds of articles and a video library, curated to introduce the features available to you and how to use them. If you have a question, there’s a high likelihood the answer is in our knowledge base.

New account? Make the most of it!

Just signed up for an account? We hope you enjoy this opportunity to test drive the full functionality of OnceHub. Feel free to play around with Booking pages and Chatbots and get acquainted with no limits and no obligation.

Be sure to take advantage of our expert knowledge by joining our free onboarding webinars. These are open to all OnceHub Users and are run daily to provide you with all the training you need to get the most out of the platform. 

You can also read our Getting started guides for Booking pages and Chatbots, giving you the most important setup information at a glance. 

Want step-by-step setup assistance?

If you're interested in having us take you through the process of setting up your account step-by-step, until you are completely configured and ready to start, or training your employees in using OnceHub, we're happy to help. We offer setup assistance packages for step-by-step help and training, priced at $125/hour.

During the session(s), we will discuss your requirements, make suggestions for efficient implementation, and be right there with you as you set up your account, every step of the way.

Do you have security and compliance questions?

OnceHub has a comprehensive security program that meets internationally recognized standards. We're experienced in handling strict security and compliance requirements from corporate organizations and various industry sectors. You can find an overview of our security at the OnceHub Trust Center or contact our security department for additional questions at trust@oncehub.com.

Learn more about Security, Privacy & Compliance

System requirements

OnceHub uses advanced HTML and JavaScript technologies. Therefore, it performs best on modern browsers that support the latest internet standards.

On the desktop

  • Google Chrome: Latest versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest versions
  • Apple Safari on a Mac*: version 5 and above

*We recommend not to use Safari on Windows. Apple has stopped its development and it may contain bugs.


Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

On mobile devices

  • The OnceHub customer application fully supports mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices.
  • The OnceHub administration side is limited on mobile. We are currently working on creating a mobile app so that you can stay connected on the go. In the meantime, we recommend you continue using the desktop application.

If you are using a browser that is not on this list, you may still be able to work with OnceHub, but it is not recommended as performance and presentation may not be optimal.

Customer application accessibility

OnceHub is committed to providing a solution that is accessible to everyone. It is our top priority to design and engineer products with a focus on usability and accessibility for all our users and their customers, with or without a disability. Our value for compliance is a differentiating factor in the scheduling market. Organizations that are obligated by law to meet accessibility standards can safely use our products, knowing they meet those requirements.

The standards we meet

The OnceHub Customer application fully meets these standards. Our User application, where account holders setup their accounts, partially meets these standards. We continue to make improvements to the accessibility of our products. 

The principles we follow

  • Design best practices - We follow UX and UI gold standards such as: readability, consistency, structured navigation, orientation order, clear hierarchy, semantic content, code validation and more.
  • Inclusive design approach - We operate according to the principles of universal design, understood and used by all people regardless of age, ability, or circumstance. From the conceptual mental model to the last tooltip, we always consider equality and diversity.
  • Screen readers - Users who are blind or visually impaired can make full use of OnceHub thanks to our comprehensive support for screen readers.
  • Keyboard-only usage - Customers can easily schedule bookings, all with just the use of a keyboard and no mouse.

Learn more in our Accessibility Conformance Report or VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).

Setup assistance packages

You have access to our free onboarding webinars which are run daily to provide you with all the training you need to get the most out of the platform. All products also come with a comprehensive getting started guide that includes short videos that give you a full overview of the application and its capabilities. Learn more about Getting started with Chatbots and Getting started guide with OnceHub

If you're interested in having us walk you through setting up your account or require that all your employees will be trained on using OnceHub, we're happy to help. We offer setup assistance packages for step-by-step help and training, priced at $125/hour. Book your session now

During the session(s), we will discuss your requirements, make suggestions for efficient implementation, and be right there with you as you set up your account, every step of the way. 

What will we do during our session(s)?


  • Set up multiple Event types
  • Implement calendar integration
  • Customize email templates
  • Set up CRM integration
  • Help you add and manage Zaps within OnceHub
  • Create multiple User accounts for employees
  • An hour or more of training with all your employees on board, learning how to use OnceHub (session can be recorded at request)
  • Anything else we've agreed upon after consulting with you

Is a setup assistance package right for you?

Possibly, if you: 

  • Don't feel comfortable implementing software configurations on your own, without direction from a professional
  • Want to save time by paying a professional to configure OnceHub faster than you'd be able to on your own
  • Want all your employees to be introduced to OnceHub fast and effectively, providing them with all the resources and knowledge they require to get started 

To purchase a setup assistance package, simply book your session(s). You will be required to pay for the package through our PayPal integration in order to submit the booking.

The OnceHub Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At OnceHub, we understand the importance of data access and service availability. Scheduling is a critical business process and there is never a good time for downtime. Built with a top-tier infrastructure, OnceHub provides the reliability and performance our customers have come to expect.

Nonetheless, as with any cloud software, downtime still occurs. There are two types of downtime.

Planned downtime

Planned downtime is typically required for new releases so we can deploy our latest features. Planned downtime is always performed during off-peak hours and published in advance to prepare our customers for the downtime. Planned downtime usually lasts 30 - 60 minutes and typically occurs on Saturdays, between 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Planned downtime occurs 6 - 8 times a year in line with the frequency of our releases.

Unplanned downtime

Even with the best intentions, unplanned downtime and service issues can sometimes occur.  Unplanned downtime is usually the result of a third-party service failure or unexpected complications in our releases. In these cases, we report such incidents to our customers as quickly as possible (usually within a few minutes) and make every effort to resolve them as fast as we can. During unplanned downtime, we continually update our customers on the progress that is being made towards a resolution.

Not all unplanned downtime is equal. Unplanned downtime varies, depending on how it affects OnceHub Users (severity level) and also its cause.

Severity levels

Unplanned downtime is divided into severity levels. The level of severity depends on the impact to the usability of OnceHub. Each level has its own formal definition. 

  • Severity 1: The service is down, inoperable, inaccessible, or unavailable. The performance or nonperformance of the service prevents all useful work from being accomplished.
  • Severity 2: The service is severely limited or degraded. Major functions are not performing properly, causing a significant impact to User's operations or productivity.
  • Severity 3: The service has a minor issue with minimal impact to business operations; the issue is localized or has isolated impact; or the problem is any other issue that is not Severity 1 or 2.

Only Severity level 1 is applicable to the OnceHub SLA commitments. 

Force majeure 

When unplanned downtime happens due to acts of god, such as earthquakes, fires, or floods, or things like wars, government sanctions, embargos, or riots, this is considered force majeure. Since force majeure can’t be anticipated, it is excluded from the OnceHub SLA commitments.  

Third-party applications

Occasionally, unplanned downtime is beyond the control of OnceHub. This occurs when a third-party application, such as an integrated calendar or CRM, is not operating at normal service levels. Typically, the effect of this can be quickly worked around by disconnecting the affected system from OnceHub. Since service issues with third-party applications do not affect the functionality of the core OnceHub platform and OnceHub does not have responsibility for external systems, unplanned downtime resulting from third-party integrations is excluded from the OnceHub SLA commitments.

Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As part of our commitment to customers, we aim to provide 99.9% uptime. The OnceHub SLA only includes unplanned downtime of severity level 1. It does not include other types of downtime—specifically, the following downtime is excluded from the SLA:

  • Planned downtime
  • Unplanned downtime at severity levels 2 and 3
  • Unplanned downtime resulting from force majeure
  • Unplanned downtime resulting from third-party applications.

When calculating our monthly uptime, only unplanned downtime of severity level 1 should be considered. Our 99.9% uptime commitment is equivalent to 43.8 minutes per month or 8.76 hours per year of unplanned downtime. As part of our service level commitments, all types of downtime are published. This type of transparency ensures we meet our uptime goals.

To monitor our system status or planned downtime, visit our status page or subscribe to status notifications on our dedicated twitter feed. Learn more about the status page

Understanding the Status page

The Status page provides real time and historic updates on the current status of the Booking pages and Chatbots applications, website and third-party integrations. The Status page reports information for both planned and unplanned downtime. The Status page is located at status.oncehub.com.

Planned downtime
OnceHub may perform planned system maintenance and upgrades for the service from time to time. Typical duration of planned downtime lasts 30 - 60 minutes. Planned downtime will commonly occur on a Saturday, between 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Any planned downtime within this maintenance window, as well as any planned downtime outside of it, will be communicated via the Status page.

Unplanned downtime
While extremely rare, OnceHub sometimes experiences unplanned downtime or service disruptions. We report such incidences to our Customers as quickly as possible and make every effort resolve them as quickly as possible. The Status page will always reflect the most up-to-date information available about service disruptions.

Subscribe to updates
You can subscribe to status updates via RSS feed or Twitter. The links to subscribe are located in the upper-right corner of the Status page. The Twitter account is @StatusOnce. All planned and unplanned downtime will be reported simultaneously with the Status page updates. 

Understanding service statuses
The Status page displays an overview of OnceHub service performance for the last five days. You can see a full performance history of a service by clicking on the individual service, for example the Corporate website.

The Status page uses icons to communicate if a service is running as normal, if there is an interruption or if a reported incident was resolved:

The service is up and functioning as normal.
The service is running but not performing optimally. The service can still be used but there may be some limitations.
The service is down and cannot be used.
An incident was reported, has been resolved and the service is functioning as normal. If an incident was resolved on the current date, you will see this icon overlapping with the green checkmark above.

Generating your support code

Read on to learn how to generate your support code.

Your support code enables us to access your account if necessary. All OnceHub accounts have a support code. You may be asked to provide your support code if you contact us through one of our support channels. 

Your generated support code is valid for 30 days only. After this, you must generate a new support code if you require further assistance (if account access is required for reviewing and/or resolving the issue).

To generate your support code:

  1. In the top right menu, click on the question mark icon.
  2. Select Generate support code.
  3. Copy.

Compliance BCC emails

OnceHub gives you the ability to automatically forward a hidden copy of all outgoing Customer email and SMS notifications to a designated email address. This feature is especially important for organizations who are required to evaluate all sent messages for compliance purposes. 

Setting up Compliance BCC email

In order to set up a Compliance BCC email, it is necessary for you to already have your own BCC email address set up and accepting emails. 

To add a BCC email address to your OnceHub account:

  1. Sign in to your OnceHub account. 
  2. In the top navigation menu, click the gear icon → SettingsCompliance BCC emails.
  3. Enter the relevant email address in the Compliance BCC emails field (Figure 1).
  4. Enter your BCC email address and click Save.

We recommend creating a test booking and sending a test email to yourself to ensure that the BCC address is accepting emails as expected. 

Once set up, all customer notifications, whether email or SMS notifications, will be BCCd to your designated email address.

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