Introduction to multiple attendee scenarios

In addition to the default one-on-one format, OnceHub supports several multiple attendee meeting formats. For meetings with multiple attendees, invites can be sent to several Team members on your side (the organization), several Customers, or both.

Meetings with multiple Customers

You can invite multiple Customers to a specific meeting via a few distinct features, depending on your business scenario:

  • Customer guests - Only one Customer makes the booking for each time slot, and is allowed to invite additional guests. This is useful when meeting with several colleagues on your Customer’s side, or with a couple for a coaching, counseling or advising session. In all cases, the single Customer that makes the booking will invite the guests as well. Learn more about Customer guests
  • Group session - A number of unrelated Customers can book the same time slot. The number of Customers can be specified, for a class or a workshop, or unlimited for a webinar signup. Learn more about Group sessions

Meetings with multiple Team members

Meetings can be scheduled with multiple Users via the following features, depending on your business scenario:

  • Team Booking pages (Panel meetings) - This is useful when multiple Team members must attend from your side, and booking is conditional on their simultaneous availability. Use Panel meetings when each of the specified Team members is required for the meeting. Learn more about team Booking pages (Panel meetings)
  • Optional attendees - This is useful when additional Users on your team should be informed about bookings, but not added as required attendees. The additional Users should subscribe to meeting notifications, or have the meetings added to their calendars as an additional booking calendar, without taking their busy time. Using either method, the optional attendees will be made aware of each booking, without the booking being conditional on their availability.
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