User reports

User reports are for multi-user accounts and are used to show multiple system Users and their booking activity.

User reports address the following needs:

  • Understand overall User activity for a given period of time – Allow understanding of the overall activity and how it is divided between the different Users.
  • Understand detailed activity for a single User – The User can be the owner of multiple Booking or Master pages.
  • Provide an agenda by User – It is possible to print an agenda report so that the user can see all her/his bookings.

Rules for User reports

  1. The name and email address of the User are those set in the Personal details section of the User's Profile. These are the same as those shown in the Users tab under the Administrator’s Account page.
  2. An activity will display for a given User if the User was the Owner of the Booking page at the time that the booking was created. If later on, the Booking page was assigned to a different User, the activity will still belong to the original User.
  3. If a User is deleted, the User's activities are automatically assigned to the Administrator that deleted the User and the activities will then show under that Administrator.
  4. In the Summary report, the default sorting places the User with the highest number of activities on top.
  5. In the detail report for a selected User, the default sorting places the earliest Meeting time on top. 
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