Salesforce Lightning experience

The Salesforce Lightning experience  is the name for the all new Salesforce desktop app, with over 25 new features, built with a modern user interface and optimized for speed.

The ScheduleOnce connector for Salesforce is Lightning Ready and enables complete scheduling integration through all phases of the customer lifecycle. When a booking is made, a Salesforce Activity Event is created and related to a Salesforce Lead, Contact, Person Account, or Case record.

When scheduling with existing Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, or Case records, you can use our Personalized links (Salesforce ID)  to automatically recognize Customers based on their Salesforce Record ID. These links can be added to your Customer emails, or added to your organization's Email templates:

  • The Salesforce Lightning Experience supports Email management and enables you to send email contacts, leads, and your own colleagues directly from your Person account, Contact, Lead, or Case records. 
  • The Salesforce Lightning Experience supports Email templates and includes the following features: rich text, merge fields, and attachments. 

However, the Salesforce Lightning Experience has some limitations: It does not support OnClick Javascript buttons. As a result, you will not be able to add our Salesforce scheduling buttons to your Salesforce organization.  If you are switching to the new Lightning experience, you can either invoke Apex classes in the process  builder, or add a javascript controller for the Lighning Design System. Learn more about using OnClick Javascript button with the Salesforce Lighning experience

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