Master page: Public Content section

The Public content section is where you enter information to help Customers understand what your Master page is for. You can enter basic information about yourself, your organization, your meeting type, location or your staff member and write a welcome message to the Customers who schedule time with you.

The Public content is used when your page is in Enabled status as well as in Disabled status. When you disable your page, you can keep the Public content section as is or change it to display a different message.

Public content features

  • Add a Master page image: You can add your photo or any other image. For best results, Upload an image in JPG, PNG or GIF format (max 200KB). It will be cropped or scaled to a 200 x 200 pixels rectangle as part of the upload process.
  • Name: State the name of your page. It can be your name, your organization, or the type of meeting your Customers are booking.
  • Add Titles: You can enter a subheading to the name of your page.
  • Add a Welcome message: You can enter up to 2,000 characters with spaces. The welcome message can include hyperlinks (clickable URLs). Text that is identified as a URL (starts with www. OR http:// OR https://) will be automatically hyperlinked on the Booking page and visible to your Customers as clickable text.
  • Add Phone and Email: Enter a phone and email for your Customers to contact you.
  • Add a Website link: Enter a URL to reference your organization's website or another relevant site you want to provide to people booking with you. The link entered will also automatically make the header logo at the top clickable, directing to the same URL.
  • Add a link to Twitter: Copy and paste your full Twitter URL. It can be a personal or company handle, and must start with
  • Add a link to LinkedIn: Copy and paste your full LinkedIn URL. It can be a personal or company profile, and must start with
  • Add a link to Facebook: Copy and paste your full Facebook URL. It can be a personal or company page, and must start with
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