Adding Resource pools to Master pages

You have created a Resource pool and added all relevant Booking pages to it. Now, in order to be able to start distributing bookings to pool members you need to add the Resource pool to Master pages.

Follow these simple steps to add your Resource pool to Master pages:


  • To create or edit a Master page, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.
  • Resource pools can ONLY be added to Master pages with a Rule-based assignment scenario and Dynamic rules.

How to add Resource pools to Master pages?

  1. Go to Setup, click the Plus button in the Master pages pane.
  2. The New Master page pop-up appears. (See Figure 1) Figure 1: New Master page pop-up 
  1. After defining the Master page's Public name, Internal label and Public link, select Rule-based assignment method as the Scenario. 
  2. Once you have defined the Master page properties, click Save & Edit. You will be redirected to the Master page Overview section
  3. Continue the setup by going to the Assignment section. Here, in Rule types step select Dynamic.
  4. Now, in the Event based rule step click the Add rule button to create a dynamic rule
    • First, using the Event type drop-down select the Event types you would like to offer on your Master page. Note that Master pages with dynamic rules can only include Event types configured to Automatic booking and Single session.
    • Now, using the Primary team member drop-down select which Resource pool should provide that Event type. 
    • Finally, if your event type requires participation from multiple team members simultaneously, you can create panel meetings by adding any number of Additional team members. These team members can be defined by selecting specific Booking pages or by selecting Resource pools. Note that the same Resource pool cannot be selected as the Primary team member and as the Additional team member in a single rule. 
  5.  Now that you have created your first rule, you can continue to create as many rules as you like to your Master page. The only restriction is that in a single Master page, each rule must have a unique Event type. You can use the same Resource pool across multiple rules and you can use multiple Resource pools per rule and across rules. This ultimately allows you to have multiple distribution methods on a single Master page. 
  6.  Once you have created your rules, you can decide in which order Event types will show on your Master page by reordering your rules in the Display order column. 

Your Master page with Resource pools is now ready to go! When Customer schedule on the page, bookings will be assigned to pool members according to the pool's distribution method. Once your pool starts receiving bookings, you will have real-time visibility in how many bookings each team member received and how many were removed.

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