Customer Action: Cancel a Panel meeting

Whether or not a Customer can cancel a Panel meeting is subject to the Cancel/reschedule policy you've set on your Booking page or Event type. The Cancellation policy only applies to scheduled bookings.

In this article, you'll learn about the steps that a Customer takes to reschedule a Panel meeting.

How Customers cancel Panel meetings

  1. The Customer clicks the Cancel/reschedule link in the scheduling email notification (Figure 1) or in the calendar event.
    Figure 1: Booking confirmation email
  2. The Cancel/reschedule page will open. 
  3. In the Cancel tab, the Customer clicks the Cancel the booking button (Figure 2). Depending on your Cancel/reschedule policy, the Customer can be asked to provide a reason for canceling.Figure 2: Cancel tab
  4. When a Customer cancels a Panel meeting, the following actions take place:

Note When you use Payment integration, you can enable automatic refunds when Customers cancel a Panel meeting. Learn more about enabling automatic refunds

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