Customer Action: Cancel a Panel meeting

When Customers cancel a Panel meeting, they are always subject to the Cancellation policy. Cancellations affect all panelists. 

  1. To cancel, the Customer clicks the Cancel/reschedule link in any email notification or the calendar event (see Figure 1):
    Figure 1: Booking confirmation email
  2. The Cancel/reschedule page appears.
    Figure 2: Cancel tab
  3. The Customer can click the Cancel tab. If your Cancel/reschedule policy asks for a cancellation reason, the Customer will be prompted to provide one.
  4. The booking is cancelled once the Customer clicks the Cancel the booking button
  5. Upon cancellation:
    • The Customer receives a cancellation email notification.
    • The Primary team member also receives a cancellation email notification and all additional panelists are cc’d in this email.
    • If the Primary team member is connected to a calendar, the even is automatically cancelled.
    • All panelists see the cancelled activity status and details in their Activity stream.

Note When using Payment integration, you can enable automatic refunds when Customers cancel a Panel meeting. Learn more about enabling automatic refunds.

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