Managing payment methods

When using PayPal, you may have a cash balance in your PayPal account plus additional backup payment methods in the form of a credit card or your bank account. When you use a credit or debit card, there is no backup payment method built-in like in PayPal. For this reason, OnceHub allows you to add multiple backup payment methods in your OnceHub account. A backup payment method is highly recommended to avoid service interruption if there is a payment failure.

In this article, you will learn how to update and add a new credit/debit card payment method. You must be an Administrator to access the Subscription and billing section.

Primary and backup payment methods

The Billing tab stores primary and backup card records. The primary card is automatically used for all your transactions. A backup payment method is highly recommended to avoid service interruption if the primary card fails. You can add as many backup cards as you want. Learn more about payment failure

A primary payment method is created automatically in these situations:

  1. When you purchase an account with a card for the first time, the card record is stored in the Billing tab as the primary card. If you upgrade your account thereafter, the primary card will be used by default during the purchasing process.

  2. When you upgrade your account and opt to use a different card, the new card record will be stored in the Billing tab as the primary card and the former primary card becomes a backup payment method.

Adding a new payment method

Let’s assume that you have already purchased an account. Now you want to add a new debit/credit card to your payment methods. This card will be stored as a backup debit/credit card.

  1. To manage your payment methods, click on the profile image or initials in the top right corner of the screen and select  Subscription and billing. Then, go to Billing -> Payment methods.
  2. Click Add a new card. The Add a new card page appears, allowing you to enter details of your new card. OnceHub accepts all major credit and debit cards for OnceHub payments, including Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover and JCB.
  3. Enter the card information and click Save.
    The backup card is added below the primary card in the Payment methods page. You can edit, remove, and make a backup card your primary payment method. When you click the Make primary link, the backup card will become your primary card and the primary card will become a backup card.


You can update both primary and backup card details at any time. To edit a specific card, simply click the Edit link of the card you want to update and save your changes. Note that an authorization check will be performed to validate the payment method. The updated card can now be used for renewals and for future purchases.

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