Introduction to categories

OnceHub gives you the ability to create categories to organize Event types and Booking pages for you and your Customers. Using categories, you can group your Booking pages and Event types according to your specific scheduling scenarios. 

You can choose to use categories exclusively within the Admin interface, in which case they'll be invisible to Customers. Alternatively, you can make categories visible to Customers, in which case they'll appear on your Booking pages and Master pages.

The User experience 

You can use categories to help you organize the Booking pages and Events types listed on the OnceHub setup page into intuitive and functional groups. By using categories on the backend, you can better manage department or cross-department roles and ownership in your organization. Using categories in conjunction with effective User management allows you to streamline administrative tasks, resulting in greater business efficiency. 

Learn how to create categories for Booking pages and Event types

The Customer experience

Categories that are visible to Customers may appear on your Booking pages and Master pages. Whether they appear, and how they appear, depends on the specific scenario.

  • If your Booking page or Master page includes more than one category, there will be a category selection step in the booking process. Customers will see the list of categories and will be required to pick the relevant one. This enables Customers to easily narrow down their selection criteria, creating a more coherent scheduling experience. Learn more about the Customer experience when your Booking page includes categories

    Note If your Master pages include multiple categories, you can customize the category labels and instructions to fit your specific scenario. By default, "Category" is used as the label and "Select a category" as the selection instructions. This text can easily be changed in the Master page Labels and instructions section.

  • If your Booking page or Master page only includes one category, the category selection step will be skipped.
  • If your Booking page or Master page includes both categorized and uncategorized items, uncategorized items will only be displayed after a category. Customers will see the uncategorized items in the following step, regardless of which category was selected. Learn more about the Customer experience when Your Master page includes categories
  • If your Master page scenario is Rule-based assignment, categories will not be visible to the Customer.
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