Introduction to OnceHub for Gmail

The OnceHub for Gmail extension enables you create scheduling invitations directly from your Gmail account. OnceHub for Gmail gives you instant access to all of your Booking page links without the need to change apps. You can create personalized links or one-time links, copy them in a single click, and send them in an email.

Installing OnceHub for Gmail

You can install the OnceHub for Gmail extension from the Chrome Web Store. After installing OnceHub for Gmail, you'll be able to seamlessly schedule a meeting without the need to open ScheduleOnce.

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Sending Personalized links using OnceHub for Gmail

You can use OnceHub for Gmail to create Personalized links for your Booking pages and Master pages. You can use Personalized links to personalize the scheduling experience for prospects and Customers. When you send a Customer a Personalized link, they will pick a time to schedule the meeting without having to re-enter their contact information.

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Sending one-time links using OnceHub for Gmail

You can use OnceHub for Gmail to create one-time links for your Master pages. One-time links are good for one booking only, eliminating any chance of unwanted repeat bookings. A Customer who receives the link will only be able to use it for the intended booking and will not have access to your underlying Booking page.

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Uninstalling OnceHub for Gmail

Read our instructions for uninstalling the OnceHub for Gmail Extension article.

OnceHub for Gmail FAQs

Read our OnceHub for Gmail FAQs for answers to common questions about the OnceHub for Gmail extension.

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