Customer reports

Customer reports address the following needs:

  • Understand overall Customer activity for a given period of time  Understand how many bookings, requests or cancellations took place during a period of time.
  • Understand detail activity for a single Customer  Find a Customer and understand how many bookings were created. This may be used for billing purposes.
  • Provide a schedule report to a Customer  This is useful in a case of a conference or interviews where the Customer needs to meet with multiple providers during the day.
  • Export Customer lists  You can easily export your Customer list into Excel, CSV or PDF files.

Rules for Customer reports

  1. Customers are grouped by their email address and name. If the Customer uses different names with the same email address, we will display each email-name combination separately.
  2. In the Summary report, the default sorting is according to the All activities column. The Customer with the highest number of activities is on top.
  3. In the detail report for a selected Customer, the default sorting places the earliest Meeting time on top. 
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