Step-by-step localization

Fully localizing your scheduling process will provide your Customers with a 100% localized experience. Once you complete the instructions below, scheduling will be localized from start to finish - from the first page your Customer sees, to the Confirmation page, cancel/reschedule process, and the notifications they will receive.


Administrator access is required for features that affect all account Users, such as editing locales and modifying Notification templates. All account Users, including Members, can localize the pages that they own, using existing locales, Booking forms, and Notification templates.

Localization step-by-step

Follow this six-step process in order to create a full scheduling flow in one language or locale:

  1. Select a System locale or create a Custom locale in the Localization editor.

  2. For each Event type:

  3. For each Booking page:

  4. If you are using Categories or Tags for Event types or Booking pages, their labels and titles should also match the required language.

  5. If you are using Master pages:

  6. To localize Customer notifications, use the Notification template editor to create Custom notification templates, and translate them into any language. Make sure Custom templates are selected on the Customer notifications section. Note that Dynamic fields are shown in English only in the editor, and will be translated into the set locale when Custom notifications are sent to the Customer. User notifications are always sent in English. 


Your localized Booking page or Master page is ready to be shared with Customers or published on your website.


NoteWhen serving Customers in different countries, or Customers who speak a variety of languages - repeat the same process for each customer segment, based on the target culture, language, country, or geographic location. To ensure that each of your customer segments experiences their localized scheduling process, you must share or publish the correct link or page with the corresponding audience.


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