Exchange integration troubleshooting

Exchange servers are complex and highly configurable and connecting to them can sometimes be tricky. This guide will help you identify and resolve key connection issues.

Unable to connect to the Exchange server

The Exchange connection wizard will take you through the shortest and easiest way to connection. You will first be asked for your Exchange (Outlook) email and password, and then additional fields may be required.

  • Email – Verify that you entered your Exchange (Outlook) email address correctly.
  • Password – Verify that you entered your Exchange (Outlook) password correctly. Test that your password is valid by connecting to your OWA (Outlook Web App) in your browser. Your password is correct only if you succeed. If your Office 365 account is set up with 2-step verification, you must create an app password first, and then use this special password to connect your OnceHub account to your Office 365 calendar.
  • EWS URL – Verify that you entered the correct URL. Learn how to determine your EWS URL
  • Domain\UserName - Depending on the Exchange configuration, this field may be left blank OR require your Windows Domain\UserName:
    • Domain – This can be the Windows domain that you log into when entering internal systems or your PC. Try searching your organization’s instructions about connecting your email client or mobile phone to your mailbox. It can be any name selected by your system administrators.
    • Backslash – Make sure you are using a backslash (the symbol \ and not /) between the domain and the user name.
    • User name – Is usually the ID you use to access internal systems. Use your internal ID, with which you log into internal systems (Windows Active Directory name or User Principal Name).

If you verified that all values are correct and were entered exactly in the required format, and are still not able to connect, this means the connection fails either due to a firewall issue or some Exchange setting or configuration. Contact your IT support to troubleshoot and resolve.

Optional: Test your credentials in Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer, a useful tool to verify the availability of EWS and the connectivity of the Exchange server.

Connection errors after a successful connection

Once a successful connection was established, it may fail due to reasons described below. Note that during a connection failure, all of your ScheduleOnce Booking pages cannot accept bookings. This measure is taken to prevent the possibility of double bookings. To enable bookings, you must either restore the connection by reconnecting, or disconnect your calendar by clicking the “Disconnect” link.

Possible connection failure reasons include:

  • Change of password – If your Exchange (Outlook) password was changed, you will need to reconnect. Sign in to your OnceHub account, and navigate to ScheduleOnce. Then, go to Integrations -> Calendar integration, and click the Reconnect button.
  • Change of Exchange or network configuration – Your administrator may have changed the Exchange settings, firewall settings or access permissions. Contact your IT support to find out about such changes.
  • Temporary disconnection – Sometimes a connection may be temporarily lost, for example during network maintenance. Once the issue is resolved the connection is restored automatically.

Configuration issues

While your connection is up and running, you may experience the following situations:

  • New bookings are not added to your calendar – Go to ScheduleOnce -> Setup -> Click on your Booking page -> Associated calendars and make sure your calendar is marked as the Main booking calendar or an Additional booking calendar. Learn more about the Associated calendars section
  • No calendar events are blocking your availability – Go to ScheduleOnce -> Setup -> Click on your Booking page -> Associated calendars and make sure your calendar is checked under Busy time retrieval. Learn more about the Associated calendars section
  • Some calendar events are not blocking your availability – Open the event in Outlook and make sure it is not marked to show you as "Free". All-day events are often set as Free by default. Learn more about Busy and Free events
  • Changes to ScheduleOnce bookings in the calendar are not synced – If you need to cancel or reschedule a booking, always do so from the Activity stream of your account.
  • Other issuesContact OnceHub support if you experience other issues.
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