Event types first (Booking pages second)

Master pages with Event types first (Booking pages second) allow Customers to first select which Event type they prefer. They can then choose a Booking page from the ones that are associated with that Event type. Finally, the Customer schedules the meeting. The pre-existing associations between Booking pages and Event types determine which Event types are offered on your Master page.


If you would like to generate one-time links which are good for one booking only, you should use a Master page using team or panel pages.

One-time links eliminate any chance of unwanted repeat bookings. A Customer who receives the link will only be able to use it for the intended booking and will not have access to your underlying Booking page. One-time links can be personalized, allowing the Customer to pick a time and schedule without having to fill out the Booking form. Learn more about one-time links

In this article, you'll learn about Master pages with Event types first.

The Customer flow

Figure 1: Customer flow for Event types first 

With Event types first, the Customer first selects the Event type they prefer and then chooses from the Booking pages that provide that Event type. 

After selecting a Booking page, the Customer is presented with the availability of the Booking page they selected. They can choose a date and slot and schedule the meeting.

Note If there is only one Event type included in the Master page, the Customer skips selecting an Event type, moving directly to choosing a Booking page. 

If only one Booking page provides the selected Event type, the Customer skips selecting a Booking page, moving directly to choosing a time slot.


To create a Master page with an Event types first scenario, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.

Setting up the Master page with Event types first

  1. Create a Master page by clicking the Plus button  in the Master pages pane.
  2. In the Scenario field of the New Master page pop-up (Figure 2), select Event types first.
    Figure 2: New Master page pop-up
  3. Populate the pop-up with a Public name, Internal label, Public link, and an image if you choose. Then click Save & Edit. You'll be redirected to the Master page Overview section to continue editing your settings.
  4. Go to the Event types and assignment section of the Master page.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the Booking pages that you want to include in the Master page (Figure 3). Only Booking pages associated with Event types can be included in this Master page.
    Figure 3: Add Booking pages to your Master page
  6. In the Assignment upon reschedule section (Figure 4), you can choose to assign a rescheduled booking to the same Booking page it was originally assigned to it. To enable this, check the box marked Reschedule is only possible on the page on which the booking was made. Figure 4: Assignment upon reschedule enabled
  7. Click Save.
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