Editing Customer interface text

If you want to have more control over Customer-facing text in your Booking page, you can use the Localization editor to change every line of Customer interface text.

You can edit or replace any of the strings in the Localization editor:

  1. Click the Localization editor under Tools in the left side bar.
  2. Create a Custom locale by duplicating any of the existing locales.
  3. Find the string you wish to edit by using the browser search function (Ctrl + F on Windows or ⌘ + F on Mac).
  4. Edit the text in the field in the right column, corresponding to the string in the left (English) column. Some words may appear in multiple strings - make sure you edit the correct string.

    NoteParameters in double square brackets [[ ]] can be moved within the string, but make sure they are kept intact, since they will be replaced with live data when viewed by the Customer.

  5. To see the results of your editing, use the Preview functionality at the top right of the editor screen - you don’t even need to save the locale to preview it on your selected page.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Apply the Custom locale to your pages on the Overview section of the Booking page or Master page.
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