Booking page: Time zone settings

Scheduling across time zones is often a challenge and a major source of frustration. Our time zone support is second to none. 

ScheduleOnce was specifically designed for scheduling virtual meetings from across the country or across the globe. In addition to a wide range of time zone features, ScheduleOnce has developed its own time zone and Daylight Saving Time database and tracks Daylight Saving changes worldwide to ensure that you never have a time zone mishap.

Set the time zone setting on the Overview, Recurring availability, or Date-specific availability sections of the Booking page. By default, the time zone on the Booking page is the same as the time zone in the Date and time section in the User's OnceHub Profile settings.

The ability to have different time zones for different Booking pages may become handy in the following scenarios:

1. Accepting appointments for distributed teams across multiple time zones

You can create multiple Booking pages for multiple team members where each member is in a different time zone. The Booking page for each member will be set to their local time zone and the bookings will be created directly in their calendar according to their local time zone. This configuration is very useful for distributed teams such as sales teams, online tutors, consultants and more. Learn more about User management

2. Scheduling for frequent travelers

If you travel often, one of the biggest challenges in scheduling your appointments is the need to manage scheduling for at least two locations and time zones: your home location and the destination location. With ScheduleOnce, you can create a separate Booking page for each location or travel destination, set its time zone and use Date-specific availability to specify the days and times of your stay in the local time zone. Learn more about scheduling meetings for a business trip

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