Should I use a Default or Custom template?

When you send communications to Customers or Users, you have a choice between using Default templates or any Custom templates that have been created in your account. Default templates are maintained by ScheduleOnce and include all possible fields that may be required. When the Default template is used for a booking, it automatically adjusts, using only the relevant fields for the specific scenario. Custom templates are created by you or another User in your account, customized to suit your needs. 

This article defines the information that is contained in a Default template and the benefits of using a Default template vs. a Custom template.  

Default templates

Default templates are maintained by ScheduleOnce and change dynamically depending on your settings. For example, the ScheduleOnce default email templates have a field for the meeting location. If you do not specify a meeting location in your Location settings, this field will be automatically omitted and there will be no mention of location in your notification emails. 

Default templates have:

Standardized text – The email and SMS text has been written to perfectly reflect the Booking scenario. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to include important information in your notifications. 

Standardized email formatting – The formatting is clear and easy to read. The emails follow HTML best practices

No branding – No ScheduleOnce or other branding is used. 

Custom templates

With Custom templates, you can completely customize the content and look and feel of any ScheduleOnce notification to your Customers and Users. When you use a Custom template, your notification will include the exact fields you used in the template. The template will not automatically adjust the way Default templates do.

Control the content - Write any text you wish in emails and SMS notifications. The messaging will be completely yours.

Add your branding to emails – You can upload your logo and change the text color with the WYSIWYG editor. No knowledge of HTML is required.

Localize Customer notifications - You can translate Custom templates into any language. When Customer notifications based on custom templates are sent, dynamic fields such as time zone, country and location are shown in the locale (language) selected on the Booking page.

Send concatenated SMS notificationsWe fully support concatenated SMS or long SMS messages, allowing you to send SMS messages that are far beyond the standard 160 character limit. No need to worry about messages being cut off. 

Add additional links to emails or SMS notifications – The formatting of the Custom templates is completely flexible.

Add additional images to emails – There are no formatting restrictions. 

Edit your emails using the WYSIWYG mode or edit the HTML directly – The template editor is flexible and can be used by beginners and advanced Users. 

Custom templates are completely under your control. When you alter your configuration, you will need to make all required updates. This means that any changes made in your account may require you to manually update your templates in order to accurately reflect the change. 

For example, let’s say you were working without specifying a meeting location and then decide that you want to add one. Meeting location information will have to be manually added by you to your Custom templates. 

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