System themes

ScheduleOnce provides five out-of-the-box system themes for your Booking pages. You can use these themes as is, or adjust them according to your needs. All themes are managed in the Theme designer, located in Setup in the left sidebar.

You can do the following with any of the five system themes:

  1. Change the Logo - this image is visible to your Customers.
  2. Change the Button color - this is the color of the buttons and other properties on your page. It is intended to attract your Customer's attention to specific elements.
  3. Change the Button font color or keep it on Automatic (recommended) to maximize contrast against the button background color.
  4. Optional: If you wish to customize additional settings - click the Duplicate icon to create a Custom theme based on a system theme. The new theme will have the same properties as the duplicated theme, but will be fully editable.
  5. Preview the theme on any selected page. Note that previewing does not apply the theme to the page (see step 8 on how to apply the theme).
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Optional: If you set this theme as the Default theme, it will be automatically applied to all newly created pages, but not to existing pages.
  8. Apply the theme to one or more pages, by selecting it in the Overview section of the Booking page or Master page.

Available system themes

1. Light - This is the default theme. Its neutral tonality fits well with any other color scheme and most brands and websites. Figure 1: Light system theme

2. Gray - This is a generic theme that fits a wide range of website designs. A bit more dramatic when used on a full page, compared to an embed on your website. Figure 2: Gray system theme 

3. Blue - Best for brands that are based on blue, orange or yellow. Figure 3: Blue system theme 

4. Green - Fits well with brands based on green, orange or purple. Figure 4: Green system theme 

5. Dark - A strikingly dramatic theme that goes well with dark-colored brands and inverted colors. Figure 5: Dark system theme

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