Configuring Salesforce connector settings on the Booking page

The Salesforce connector settings section enables you to map the Salesforce Record Types, configure the Salesforce activity event creation, and also configure the integration when bookings are created using General links for your Booking page.

In this article, you will learn how to configure your personal Salesforce connector settings for your Booking page.


To configure the Salesforce connector settings:

Configuring the Salesforce connector settings

  1. From the Configuration page, select the relevant Booking page
  2. From the Salesforce connector section, click Edit (See Figure 1)

    The Salesforce connector settings page opens where you can map the Record Types for the supported objects, setup the Salesforce Calendar event option, and choose the type of record to be created when using General links.

    Figure 1: Salesforce connector settings

  3. The Salesforce Record Types section displays the Salesforce Record Types that are assigned to your Salesforce profile or permission set. When a booking is made, new records are created with an associated Record Type in your Salesforce organization.

    Select the Record Type that should be assigned to the Lead, Account, Contact, Event, and Case objects. Learn more about working with Record Types

  4. In the Salesforce Activity Event creation section, select an option. When a booking is made, a Calendar event is added automatically to your Main booking calendar and to your Salesforce calendar.

    Note If you are using a third party solution that syncs between your Calendar and Salesforce, you should select the option Do not create a Salesforce Event. Learn more about Salesforce Calendar event

  5. In the Bookings created via General links section, you choose the object integration option for your General links. You can decide to integrate your Booking page with the Lead, Contact, or Case object; or you can decide not to integrate the Booking page with Salesforce. When using Personalized links (Salesforce ID), the object integration is determined by the Salesforce Record ID passed in the URL.

    NoteWhen working with Salesforce Person Accounts, you will need to configure your Booking page to work with Contacts. When a booking is made, the Salesforce Person Account is automatically updated and a Salesforce Event is added.

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