How to test a Custom template

If you are going to use Custom templates, you will want to test them prior to use. The way to do this is to create a test booking where you fill out a Booking form and pretend to be a Customer. You may need to perform several of these test bookings in order to be sure you test every template you have created in every relevant scenario. 

During the testing you should be checking the following:

  • The text is written the way you want
  • The correct Dynamic fields were chosen
  • The spacing/formatting looks the way you wish
  • That you are sending emails and SMS notifications for the Booking notifications you wish

Sample testing plan

1) Select the Booking form you want to use in Booking form section.

2) Create and save the templates you wish to customize. Learn more about creating Custom templates

Note:Be sure to enter content for both email and SMS templates if you intend to use both.

3) Select the scenarios you wish to send notifications for from the Customer notification section and the User notifications section

Note:Be sure to select the Custom templates you created in the respective scenarios

4)    Enter a phone number in your Profile's Personal details section if you wish to receive User SMS notifications. Learn more about Sending SMS notifications to Users

5) Go to the Booking form you created earlier and fill it out as a Customer.

6) View the confirmation email and SMS received. - If using Booking with approval mode, view the emails and SMS messages received and confirm the Booking in the User email.

7) View the Calendar event in your calendar and the ICS file.  Learn more about Calendar events

At this point you can choose to trigger a cancelation or a reschedule or let the booking run its course and test the reminder and follow-up messages. 

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