Booking page reports

Booking page reports address the following needs:

  • Understand overall Booking page activity for a given period of time  Allow understanding of the overall activity and how it is divided between the different Booking pages.
  • Understand detailed activity for a single Booking page  The Booking page can represent a person, a resource, location or meeting type, and there is a need to understand its activity.
  • Provide an agenda by Booking page – You can easily export your Booking page report to Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Rules for Booking page reports

  1. In the Summary report, the default sorting is by Activity, placing the Booking page with the highest number of activities on top.
  2. If a Booking page was deleted, we will still show all the activities that were generated from this page, provided that they started during the reporting date range. The deleted Booking page will show in gray text with [deleted] next to it.
  3. In the detail report of a selected Booking page, the default sorting places the earliest Meeting time on top. 
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