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You've worked hard to generate leads and obtain their contact details. Now the question is how do you qualify them in the quickest and most efficient manner?

With online scheduling, you can spend your time qualifying leads, not chasing them down. By adding a personalized invitation into your drip campaigns, lead nurturing activities, and personal communications, you enable your prospects to book demos, consultations, or discovery sessions at a time of their choosing. 

They don’t need to provide any information that is already known to you. They simply click on the link, pick a time, and it's done. The Booking form can either be prepopulated with their details or skipped altogether. By minimizing the data required from your prospects to the absolute bare minimum, you'll maximize your booking rates and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

To get started, ask yourself which of the following scenarios is right for you.

Offering scheduling in your mass email campaigns and nurturing programs

If your marketing team is running mass email campaigns in which prospects are invited to sign up for a free online demo or a 1-on-1 consultation, the need to add a scheduling link is obvious. Serious leads who are ready to engage will be filtered out for you and you'll find that they've already scheduled a time for you to call them. Continue this offer in follow-up emails throughout your drip campaign to increase conversions even further. 

You can also include a Personalized link for scheduling in your nurturing programs as an additional call-to-action. Replacing traditional contact information in your outbound emails with the possibility to schedule a call directly is a great way to fast track prospects to qualified status. Your content remains the center of attention, but when prospects are ready to engage, the process is instantaneous, eliminating lengthy back-and-forth communications.

How to implement this

When you use dynamic links, you'll be sending the email directly from your marketing automation or integrated CRM system and the lead record’s data will be used to prepopulate or skip the Booking form altogether.

Offering scheduling via personal invitations

If leads are directly assigned to your Sales or Sales development teams for qualification, rather than calling prospects or sending back-and-forth emails, you can send prospects individual emails with a link that is specifically customized for that Customer. 

This solution offers your Sales team a quick and efficient way to establish contact with their assigned leads. From the prospect's perspective, they'll click on the link and select a time. The scheduling process will only take a few seconds to complete and the appointment with all relevant details will be automatically added to the calendars of your Sales team member and the Customer.

How to implement this

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