Accepting appointments for yourself without Event types

Important We recommend associating your Booking page with at least one Event type. This enables better modeling of advanced scheduling scenarios (e.g. multi-User scenarios using Pooled availability) and provides a better scheduling experience for your Customers. Learn more about accepting appointments for yourself using Event types

When accepting appointments for yourself, people come to your Booking page and book appointments with you automatically or with your approval. When your Booking Page is not associated with Event types, take the following steps to customize your Booking page for personal appointment scheduling. Remember to click the Save button after each step:

  1. Under Setup, select the relevant Booking page -> Scheduling options, and select your preferred mode between Automatic booking or Booking with approval.

  2. Under Time slot settings, select the duration, Time slot display, Workload rules, Timeframe rules, and other settings related to time slots.

  3. Under Recurring availability and Date-specific availability, adjust your availability using Weekly recurring only, Date-specific only, or Weekly recurring plus Date-specific exceptions.

  4. Under Associated calendars, assign a calendar and adjust your settings. Make sure that bookings are created in the calendar that you want, and that busy time is also retrieved from the correct calendar(s).

  5. Under Location settings, set the appropriate location for your booking, as well as the contact information either you or your Customer must provide.

  6. Under Booking form and redirect, select the Booking form that will be used to gather valuable information when your Customers are booking online.

  7. Under Customer notifications, decide which notifications your Customers will receive and by which delivery method (email or SMS).

  8. Under User notifications, decide which notifications you and your stakeholders will receive and by which delivery method (email or SMS).

  9. Under Public content, update your personal information.

  10.  Review the rest of the Booking page settings for final adjustments.

Run through a quick test meeting by clicking on your Public link in the Share & Publish section of your Booking page Overview to make sure that everything is exactly as you want it.

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