Using ScheduleOnce to schedule meetings at multiple locations

Important We recommend associating your Booking page with at least one Event type. This enables better modeling of advanced scheduling scenarios (e.g. multi-User scenarios using Pooled availability) and provides a better scheduling experience for your Customers. Learn more about supporting multiple meeting types using Event types

If you offer appointments in multiple locations, you can use multiple Booking pages as locations and configure each Booking page with its own availability and settings. For example, on Mondays and Tuesdays you are in Location A and on Wednesdays and Thursdays you are in Location B. You can use a Master page to combine multiple Booking pages into one page that you can share with your customers.

Take the following steps to setup multiple locations with Booking pages:

  1. Create a Booking page for each location. Each Booking page can have completely different availability and settings according to the characteristics of each location.

  2. In Setup ->  relevant Booking page -> Locations settings, configure each Booking page according to the required settings for each location.

  3. Create a Master page and add your profile information to the New Master page pop-up.

  4. Select the Booking pages to include in your Master page and customize the selection text and labels.

  5. To test your Master page, go to Setup -> Master page -> Overview, and click the customer link in the Share & Publish section.  

To experience a live demo of multiple locations, please check the multiple locations page

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