Our Zapier support policy

ScheduleOnce takes responsibility for the following aspects in the Zapier integration:

  1. A successful connection established between ScheduleOnce and Zapier
  2. ScheduleOnce data correctly sent to Zapier
  3. Zapier data correctly received by ScheduleOnce

However, we cannot take responsibility for any issues related to Zapier or any third-party app. We cannot troubleshoot these issues on our end.

Our responsibilities

ScheduleOnce is responsible for the following integration stages:

  1. Establishing a connection between ScheduleOnce and Zapier.

    We will ensure that the connection test in Zapier is successful.

  2. ScheduleOnce sends data to Zapier.

    This can be detected in one of the following ways:

    • The integration works with one of the third-party apps.
    • Zapier receives data from ScheduleOnce, shown by testing one of the Zaps.

  4. ScheduleOnce receives data from Zapier.

    When you connect Zapier to ScheduleOnce, your ScheduleOnce Zaps and their statuses will be listed in your ScheduleOnce account. ScheduleOnce is responsible for maintaining the connection and for displaying the correct list of Zaps and their statuses, as retrieved via the Zapier API.

Not under our responsibility

We do not provide support for the following issues:

  1. Establishing a connection between another third-party app and Zapier 
  2. Creating the Zaps
  3. The third-party app is not receiving data from Zapier, while the integration between ScheduleOnce and another app is working

In the above cases, ScheduleOnce may provide assistance or tips as a courtesy. However, these issues are not under our responsibility. You will need to contact Zapier or the third-party app for support.

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