User action: Cancel or reschedule in Google Calendar

When you are connected to a Google Calendar, you can select whether changes made in your connected calendar can also be reflected in ScheduleOnce. 

ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings

  1. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and select Calendar connection.
    Figure 1: Calendar connection: ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings
  2. When enabling the option Deleting an event in Google calendar cancels the booking in ScheduleOnce, you are canceling an event in ScheduleOnce when deleting an event in the Google Calendar. The following actions are performed:
  3. When enabling the option Changing the time in Google calendar updates the booking in ScheduleOnce, you are rescheduling on behalf of your Customer when moving a booking in the Google Calendar. Therefore, the change of time must be coordinated with your Customer. The following actions are performed:
    • No email notifications are sent to you or your Customer. 
    • The booking time is updated immediately, all reminders are sent on schedule, and all integrations (CRM, Web conferencing, Zapier and Payment) are updated as well. The status of future events is changed to "Rescheduled".

Note In cases of a Panel meeting, if the Primary team member moves or delete a booking in their connected calendar, the booking is automatically rescheduled or canceled for all panel members - that means for both the Primary team member and all Additional team members.

ImportantThe reschedule functionality described above will only work when events are modified in the same calendar. Modifications in Additional booking calendars are disregarded.

Customer's calendar event

In all cases described above, your Customer’s calendar will be updated or not, depending on your choice in Google’s Would you like to send update emails to existing Google Calendar guests dialog box. Make sure to click the Send button, so that your Customer’s calendar is updated. Learn more about the Customer's calendar event

Figure 2: Send updates to Calendar guests

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