Outlook Calendar troubleshooting - My events are not showing in the expected time zone

If busy times appear in wrong hours on ScheduleOnce or in your Outlook Calendar, there may be a time zone difference between your Outlook's time zone and the time zone on your Booking page. To change the time zone:

  • In ScheduleOnce: Go to Setup -> relevant Booking page (Figure 1). In the Overview section, select the new time zone and save.

Figure 1: Booking page Overview section

  • In your Outlook client: To change the time zone in Outlook, click on File -> Options -> Calendar settings. In the time zone area, select the new time zone and save. Note: The time zone of Outlook client is the same as your PC. Reload/refresh the ScheduleOnce page to reflect the change.
  • In your web Outlook via the browser (Figure 2):
    Figure 2: Outlook calendar region and time zone section
    1. Click settings icon.
    2. Click Mail.
    3. Click General.
    4. Click Region and time zone.
    5. Set your time zone.
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