Introduction to Booking reassignment

Booking reassignment lets you reassign bookings from one team member to another. This is useful if a team member is sick or if a different team member is better able to serve a specific customer.

Booking reassignment is available to Users connected to Google calendar or not connected to any calendar. Unfortunately, other third-party calendars, including Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, and iCloud do not support reassignment within their platforms. Due to the configuration of these calendars, we are unable to offer Booking reassignment if your account is connected to one of these calendars. As soon as a calendar platform does add this functionality, ScheduleOnce will be able to set up the relevant calendar integration to support Booking reassignment.

To reassign a booking, simply go to the Activity stream and select Reassign booking from the action menu. Learn more about reassigning a booking

Figure 1: Reassign booking

How does it work?

When a booking is reassigned, it is important that the Customer experience remains intact. Reassignment is an internal company process that can confuse the Customer. When a booking is reassigned, the experience is invisible to Customers. From your Customer’s perspective, the event remains as originally scheduled. The Customer will receive notifications for the event as originally planned. Learn more about the effects for the Customer

In ScheduleOnce, you can reassign bookings from the Activity stream. Simply click on Reassign booking and the Reassignment wizard will walk you through the steps to reassign the booking. Learn more about reassigning a booking

Both the original and new Booking owner and Editors will receive an email and SMS notification regarding the reassignment. Learn more about the effects of Booking reassignment

The original and new Booking owner and Editors will have full permissions to view and edit the booking from the Activity stream.

Reassignment Eligibility

A booking must be a one-on-one meeting to be eligible for reassignment. Only ScheduleOnce Admins can reassign bookings. Learn more about the rules regarding Booking reassignment

Booking pages available for assignment

If a booking is eligible for reassignment, you can reassign it to any Booking page in the system that has one-on-one meetings. The Booking reassignment wizard will show you the Booking pages that are available for assignment. Learn more about the rules regarding Booking reassignment

Reassignment FAQ

If you have specific questions regarding Booking reassignment, please take a look at the Booking reassignment FAQ. There you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Booking reassignment.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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