Booking calendar access permissions

There are two types of users in a OnceHub account: members and administrators. Read on to learn the different abilities and permissions that each type has. To check what user type you are, click on your profile picture/initials in the top right-hand corner of any OnceHub page, and your user type will be displayed below your email ID. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: User type displayed at profile settings


Members have limited access to account configuration settings.

  • They can see and edit booking calendars that they are the only host of, and that has no additional team members.
  • If they are part of a booking calendar in which there are multiple hosts, or that is hosted by a team, they can only view the booking calendar, but can not edit it. If they are not the hosts of a calendar, they cannot edit or change any settings of it.
  • They can create booking calendars, but only for themselves. A booking calendar hosted by a team can only be created by an administrator.
  • Members can share any page on their account.


Administrators have access to all account settings. 

  • Administrators can view and edit the settings of all booking calendars in their account.
  • The person who created the OnceHub account is automatically an administrator.
  • Administrators can make other users administrators.
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