Using Personalized links (URL parameters) in email marketing apps

Personalized links (URL parameters) are personalized links that include both ScheduleOnce fields and app-specific merge fields. The ScheduleOnce fields are based on URL parameters and the merge fields are replaced with actual customer data during a marketing campaign such as an email broadcast. These links are different from static Personalized links, which contain an individual's personal details.

Using personalized links (URL parameters) in email marketing apps

You can use dynamic personalized links in any email marketing app that supports merge fields. In this article we will use MailChimp as our email marketing app. Our use case is sending an email broadcast to all our leads, inviting them to book a discovery call with us. We would create this type of link and place it in our email template. The link might look like*|NAME|*&email=*|EMAIL|*. In this example, the ‘*|NAME|*’ and ‘*|EMAIL|*’ fields are merge fields which are replaced with a single customer name and email, respectively, during the email campaign, thus, creating a personalized email for each lead in our list.

Below is a screenshot from MailChimp's email template editor showing an email that invites an unqualified lead to book a phone meeting with a sales representative. Notice the "Schedule a 1-on-1 with me." link in the body of the email.

If we click to edit the link, we will see the Dynamic personalized link with the MailChimp-specific merge fields, name, email and subject.

Optimizing your booking rates

When used in email campaigns, Personalized links are a great tool for increasing your phone contact rates during your lead qualification process. It provides the ability to book a discovery call at a time convenient for your Leads. But what happens to all the Leads that didn't respond to the booking invitation? Instead of losing these Leads, we have developed a re-targeting missed bookings process, which generates more bookings and increases the campaign's overall booking rates.


Integrating personalized links with email apps

Email add-ons have become mainstream over the past few years, and integrating your email with email marketing apps or CRMs, has become almost a requirement for sales teams today. One of the key features these add-ons provide is called email templates. These templates include dynamic fields that are replaced with actual Lead and Customer information each time an email is sent out. By embedding ScheduleOnce's dynamic personalized links in these templates, you ensure that each Lead or Customer gets a personalized booking link. You can also add source tracking tags to personalized Booking page links, letting you analyze where your bookings come from. Have a look at a product called Yesware and its Dynamic templates functionality to better understand how Dynamic personalized links can work in tandem with an email add-on.

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