Master page: Overview section

The Master page Overview section summarizes the main properties of the specific Master page. It includes the Master page's main settings, the Booking pages and Event types associated with it, and Share & Publish options.

Your Master page is enabled to accept bookings by default. You can disable your Master page to stop accepting bookings by clicking the Accept bookings toggle in the top right.

Figure 1: Master page Overview section

To switch between the Overview sections of different Master pages without returning to Booking pages scheduling setup, use the shortcut drop-down in the top right corner of the Overview.

Below you can find out more about the different parts of the Master page Overview section.

Main settings

Figure 2: Main settings section

Share & Publish

Figure 3: Share & Publish section

Included team members

Figure 4: Included team members

Each Master page provides a single point of access to multiple Booking pages.

Event types offered by the Master page

Figure 5: Event types offered by the Master page

If you offer Event types on your Master page, your Customers can select the type of meeting they require before selecting the date and time. Depending on your Master page scenario, Event types are added to Master pages either directly in the Assignment section, or indirectly through the Booking pages they are associated with

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