Time Zone conversion

If you're offering bookings to Customers throughout multiple time zones, you need a reliable way to convert time zones when they book with you. ScheduleOnce is fully optimized to allow for seamless booking across the world, no matter where you are and where your Customers reside. 

You can turn time zone conversion on or off by going to Setup -> click your Booking page -> Time slot settings


If you have linked your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Time slot settings will be under each Event type (Setup -> Event types) and not in the Booking page. Learn more

Time zone conversion: ON or OFF?

ON - This is the default setting for time zone conversion. When this option is selected, the Customer's time zone is detected automatically, according to their IP address. The Customer sees a confirmation pop-up, asking them to verify that the detected time zone is correct. As a result, all time slots will be displayed to the customer in the Customer's local time zone.

When ON is selected, there are two additional options: 

  • Prompt Customers to confirm their auto-detected time zone:
    • When checked - Customers must always confirm their time zone.
    • When unchecked - Customers confirm their time zone only if auto-detection fails.
  • Only display slots during the Customer's local working hours – If you are working with clients and prospects whose time zone is multiple hours apart from yours, this option is recommended. When this option is selected, the Customer will only see time slots that fall within the Customer's local working hours that you have defined. Example: you are in the US Eastern time zone and have availability from 9am - 5pm. Some of your Customers are in the UK - a 5-hour time difference:
    • Without the working hours restriction, your UK Customers will see 2pm - 10pm availability in their local time zone.
    • With the working hours restricted to 9am - 5pm, they will only see 2pm - 5pm, which are the times that make more sense for their local working hours.

OFF - You should select this option if your customers are all local and you are sure that no one will schedule from a time zone that is different from the one you are in. In this case, the customer will not be asked to verify a time zone and no time zone will be displayed to the customer. As a result, all time slots will be displayed in your chosen time zone.

You should also choose this option if your Booking page is offering appointments for a conference or other event. For instance, attendees might come from all over the world to a conference in New York. They might book the appointment ahead of time, from their home in another state or country. However, they need to book the appointment in Eastern Time only. Turning time zone conversion off will ensure they select only times relevant to the conference location. 

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