Contacts in OnceHub

You can view all information about one of your contacts in the Activity stream, providing you with a full view of information related to each customer or website visitor before taking action. 

Each contact has attributes that can be stored in contact fields, which can be customized.

How do contacts work in OnceHub? 

When a customer books a meeting using ScheduleOnce or a website visitor engages with your ChatOnce bot, OnceHub creates an activity for them in the Activity stream. OnceHub allows you to see all that contact's activities together, so you'll have a full view of information related to them before taking action. This includes activities for both ChatOnce and ScheduleOnce, if you use both. 

The contact is identified through their email address, if this is known for them (as it would be for all ScheduleOnce bookings and some ChatOnce conversations). OnceHub groups all activities related to that email address together when you go to the three-dots menu for an activity and select View all activities related to this Customer.

Figure 1: View all activities related to this Customer

How to gather contact attributes


When someone books with you, they fill out your booking form. When you create your booking form, you can specify which answers should be mapped to their contact record as saved contact attributes. 

Fields mapped by default

Every contact has, at minimum, a first name and email. These two fields are always saved as contact fields. Their mapping cannot be edited.

Other fields are also mapped by default but are optional to include. However, their mapping cannot be edited. For instance, if you opt to use the Your company field in your booking form, it will always map to the Company name contact field. 

Other fields can be mapped to a different contact field, if you prefer. 

Booking form fieldMapped to Contact fieldMandatory contact field?Mapping can be edited?
Your nameFirst nameYesNo
Your emailEmail addressYesNo
Your companyCompany nameNoNo
Your phonePhoneNoNo
Your mobile phoneMobile phoneNoNo

Fields not mapped by default

None of these fields are mandatory and mapping for all can be edited: 

  • Your company - A second company field that is optional and can be mapped
  • Attachment
  • Country 
  • Location
  • State
  • Terms of service

Custom contact fields

All custom fields in your booking form are optional and entirely flexible for mapping to whichever contact field you prefer. 

You will need to create a new contact field before you can map a custom field in your booking form to it. Go to OnceHub -> Account settings -> Contact fields -> Add new field to add a custom contact field.

Figure 2: Add new field


Every website visitor who engages with your ChatOnce bot has a contact record. This record stores data in fields you've defined in OnceHub, along with system default fields such as name, email, and company. 

If their name is unknown because they haven't provided it yet, OnceHub assigns the default contact name Site visitor

Learn more about contact fields in ChatOnce

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