Booking page access permissions

Booking pages in a multi-User account are portable and shareable. This means they can be moved between User profiles and accessed by multiple Users. Additionally, any User in the account can choose to subscribe to email or SMS User notifications for a specific Booking page.

Access to Booking pages is determined by a User's Access permission for that specific page. There are four levels of permission that Users can have for a Booking page: Owner, Editor, Viewer, and No access. See below for more details on each level.

To edit Booking page access permissions, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.

Editing Booking page access permissions

  1. In ScheduleOnce, click Setup in the top navigation bar. 
  2. Then, open the Booking page action menu (three dots) in the Booking pages pane. 
  3. Select Booking page access (Figure 1).  
    Figure 1: Booking page action menu
  4. Use the User drop-down in the top right-hand corner to switch between Users. Use the Access permission drop-down to determine the User's access permissions for each Booking page in the account. Figure 2: Booking page access

Alternatively, click Setup in the top navigation bar, then select the relevant Booking page -> Overview sectionHere you can edit the specific Booking page's Owner and Editor. This method is only possible if the Administrator is able to edit the specific Booking page.

Booking page access permission levels

There are four levels of permission that Users can have for a Booking page.

Owner – Available for both Administrator and Member User roles

The Owner is the person who receives the bookings created via the Booking page. The Owner is the only User who can see the details of their calendar appointments within ScheduleOnce. The Owner also receives the Booking page's activity in their Activity stream and is automatically subscribed to all email User notifications for that Booking page. There can only be one Owner for each Booking page.

Learn more about Booking page ownership

Editor – Available for both Administrator and Member User roles

By default, an Editor has almost complete access rights to the Booking page. An Editor also receives all activity for that Booking page in their Activity stream. An Editor can't view the detailed information of the appointments from the Owner's calendar in the Date-specific Availability section. The Editor can subscribe to all email and SMS User notifications for that Booking page.

Viewer – Available for Administrator User role only

Only Admins can have this access level and it is the default permission when an Administrator User is created.

Viewers can see all Booking pages, Event types, and Master pages in the Setup section. Viewers also receive all activity for all Booking pages in the Activity stream. Viewers can't edit the settings of Booking pages and don't receive booking notifications.

No access – Available for Member User role only

With this access level, the specific Booking page won't show at all in the Member's account. Only Members can have this access level and it is the default permission when a new Member User is created.

Granular-level access permissions

In addition to the four access levels described above, ScheduleOnce allows you to define granular-level (section-specific) access (Figure 3) to Booking page sections. This applies to both Owner and Editor access levels. An Administrator editing a User profile can choose whether to grant that User read-only or editing privileges for all Booking page sections. 

To edit these settings, go to the Booking page access section and click the  icon at the left of each row where the User is Owner/Editor. 

Figure 3: Granular permissions

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