Understanding the Status page

The Status page provides real time and historic updates on the current status of the Booking pages and Chatbots applications, website and third-party integrations. The Status page reports information for both planned and unplanned downtime. The Status page is located at status.oncehub.com.

Planned downtime
OnceHub may perform planned system maintenance and upgrades for the service from time to time. Typical duration of planned downtime lasts 30 - 60 minutes. Planned downtime will commonly occur on a Saturday, between 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM Eastern Time. Any planned downtime within this maintenance window, as well as any planned downtime outside of it, will be communicated via the Status page.

Unplanned downtime
While extremely rare, OnceHub sometimes experiences unplanned downtime or service disruptions. We report such incidences to our Customers as quickly as possible and make every effort resolve them as quickly as possible. The Status page will always reflect the most up-to-date information available about service disruptions.

Subscribe to updates
You can subscribe to status updates via RSS feed or Twitter. The links to subscribe are located in the upper-right corner of the Status page. The Twitter account is @StatusOnce. All planned and unplanned downtime will be reported simultaneously with the Status page updates. 

Understanding service statuses
The Status page displays an overview of OnceHub service performance for the last five days. You can see a full performance history of a service by clicking on the individual service, for example the Corporate website.

The Status page uses icons to communicate if a service is running as normal, if there is an interruption or if a reported incident was resolved:

The service is up and functioning as normal.
The service is running but not performing optimally. The service can still be used but there may be some limitations.
The service is down and cannot be used.
An incident was reported, has been resolved and the service is functioning as normal. If an incident was resolved on the current date, you will see this icon overlapping with the green checkmark above.
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