The Fields library

This article explains the different types of fields stored in the Fields library. The Fields library is in the Booking forms editor which you can find by going to Setup and opening the left sidebar. Select Tools -> Booking forms editor.

System fields

The System fields category consists of seven fields that are included in all new Booking forms by default, except for the Customer guests field.

Required fields

  • Name
  • Email

The Customer’s name and email address must be collected in order for ScheduleOnce email notifications to be sent to your Customers. There is no option to remove these fields and the Customer must fill them out in order to make a Booking.

Optional fields

  • Company
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Note
  • Customer guests - can be added to any Booking form when you wish to allow the Customer to invite additional guests at their discretion.

These fields can be removed from the Booking form but cannot be deleted from the library.

Conditional fields

Conditional fields are fields that will only show in the Booking form if you choose to ask the Customer to provide the data. The Conditional fields are:

  • Meeting subject
  • Location

Learn more about Conditional fields

Custom fields

The Custom fields category includes fields created by you from scratch. This category also includes System custom fields, optional fields available to you in the Fields library. For example, "Your state" is a System custom field. This field includes a dropdown menu of all 50 states in the United states which can be inserted into your Booking form. Learn more about Custom fields

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