Adding forms to your Squarespace website

Adding a form to your Squarespace website is quick and easy. 


Adding custom javascript requires a Squarespace Business or Commerce plan.

Add a form to your website

Create the form

  1. Go to Forms on the left.
  2. Click on the Create form button OR duplicate another form by clicking the three dots menu for that form and selecting Duplicate.

Create the form as you prefer, either duplicated from another, from scratch, or using a template. 

When you've added the interactions you want, routed them, and designed the form as you like, navigate to the Publish tab.

Install the code

In OnceHub

You'll grab the code you need for Squarespace.

  1. On the Publish tab, select Get the embed code.
  2. Copy the code.

Figure 1: Copy the embed code

In Squarespace

You'll add a code block on your website, on each individual page where you want a form.

  1. Edit your website.
  2.  Click to add content with a block
  3. In the Basic section, select Code
  4. The selected Mode should be HTML. 
  5. Paste the code from OnceHub and adjust as needed.
  6. Save your website. 

That's it! Your website can now display your form in the place you added it.

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