Booking page: Date-specific availability section

Availability is always managed per Booking page and includes two types: Recurring and Date-specific. 

You can use Recurring only, Date-specific only, or both. Date-specific availability is defined for specific days so that you can designate your availability for each calendar day. If your scheduling is limited to specific days, or if your availability pattern is highly variable from week to week, it may be best to use Date-specific alone. This is the most precise method, but it requires more maintenance. Using Date-specific availability can also be a good solution if your calendar is not connected and busy times cannot block out your availability.

Your Recurring availability weekly pattern will serve as a basis for your Date-specific availability. Any changes you make in your Date-specific availability will apply to the edited days only and will always override your Recurring availability on those dates, and can be used to reduce or increase availability:

  • Increase availability - use Date-specific availability to add availability on top of Recurring availability. For example: you were on vacation on a certain week, so the week after, you wanted to make up for it by making yourself available until late in the evening.
  • Reduce availability - use Date-specific availability to block parts of your Recurring availability. For example: you normally work Mon - Fri as a repeating pattern, but you need to block off two specific dates due to a business trip.


To edit the Date-specific availability section, you must be an Owner or Editor of the Booking page with the permission enabled in your Profile.

How to edit Date-specific availability:

  1. Go to Setup and select the relevant Booking page.
  2. Click on the Date-specific availability section of the Booking page. (See Figure 1)
    • The default Date-specific availability is displayed based on your Recurring availability in the Booking page time zone. Note that busy time retrieved from your connected calendar will appear in blue blocks on the date-specific availability grid. 

Figure 1: Date-specific availability section

  1. To change the display:
    • To update the time zone for this entire Booking page, click the time zone Change link. Note that your connected calendar must be set to the same time zone. 
    •  To modify the hours displayed in the grid, click Expand and define your preferences.
    • To see previous or future weeks in the grid, click the arrows at the top right corner. 
  2. To edit your availability:
    • To add availability, click and drag over white (unavailable) slots, to mark them green. This will increase your availability for this date only.
    • To remove availability, click and drag over green (available) slots, to mark them white. This will reduce your availability for this date only.
  3. Review your Date-specific availability by clicking the View link.
  4. Click Save.
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