Access permissions for subscribing to Booking notifications

Any User can subscribe to User notifications for specific Booking pages in their organization’s OnceHub app. User notifications can be sent via email or SMS. 

In order to receive User notifications for a Booking page, the User must have an Editor access role on that Booking page. This can be assigned by a OnceHub Administrator. You can customize further notification settings for that User in the relevant Booking page’s User notifications section.

If the User has not been created in the system, they can be added by clicking on your profile image or initials in the top right corner, selecting Users from the drop-down menu and clicking the Add User button (Figure 1). Learn more about adding Users

You do not need an assigned product license to be an Editor on a Booking page and subscribe to booking notifications. Learn more

Figure 1: Users lobby

The User will receive an invitation to sign up for a OnceHub account. If the User only needs to receive notifications, they don't need to complete the sign up process—their email address is already in the system. As long as they have an Editor role on the relevant Booking page(s), they can receive notifications.

There is no limit to the number of Users who can subscribe to User notifications on a Booking page.

NoteIf you change the Owner of a Booking page, any User notifications settings you have previously customized for the Owner will be returned to the default settings for the new Booking page Owner.

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