Introduction to Time slot settings

In the Time slots settings section, you can set up the duration, Time slot display, Workload rules, Timeframe rules, and other settings related to time slots.

Location of the Time slot settings section 

Time slot settings are located on the Booking page by default. If you associate Event types with your Booking page, the Time slots settings section is located on the Event type. This allows you to standardize the settings for your scheduling scenarios. Learn more about the location of the Time slot settings section

  • For Booking pages associated with Event types (recommended), go to Setup -> select the relevant Event type -> Time slot settings.
  • For Booking pages not associated with Event types, go to Setup -> select the relevant Booking page -> Time slot settings.


The following settings can be managed in the Time slots settings section.

Time slot display 

This is where you control time slot duration, starting times and time slot spacing. Learn more about customizing the Time slot display

Workload rules

This section allows you to put limits on your available time. You can insert a buffer between bookings and cap the number of appointments you will accept in any given day or week. Learn more about customizing Workload rules

Timeframe rules

This is where you control how much lead time Customers must give you before bookings, and how far in advance they can book. Learn more about customizing Timeframe rules

Time zone conversion

This setting allows you to control how time slots are converted to the Customer’s time zone. You can also disable time zone conversion. Learn more about customizing Time zone conversion

Time slots offered per day

This setting allows you to limit the maximum number of displayed time slots per day, and distributes them as evenly as possible. You can use this setting if you want to look busier than you really are or if you want to prevent Customers from selecting adjacent time slots in Booking with approval mode. Learn more about customizing Time slots offered per day

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