System and Custom locales

System and Custom locales are managed in the Localization editor, and can be applied to Booking pages and Master pages. A locale is a collection of settings that define the Customer interface language and the date/time formats of your pages.

Every account is created with seven System locales out of the box: English (US), English (UK), French, German, Spanish, Portuguêse (Brazil), and Dutch. Administrators can create Custom locales, which allow for both date/time format modification, and Customer interface text editing. Custom locales are created by duplicating an existing locale; the dynamic values will always reflect the parent locale from which they were duplicated.

System locales

The editable text for each locale covers many scheduling scenarios, and includes hover tooltips, accessibility requirements, image and icon descriptions, and other texts. You can edit or replace any of the default strings by creating a Custom locale (see below).

Each System locale is pre-configured with date/time formats to match the target locale, but feel free to modify these formats if your Customers expect them to be different. Each System locale also comes with its own set of language- and culture-appropriate Dynamic values: Time zones, countries, states, locations, country codes, months, and days of the week. These long lists of values are fixed and cannot be edited, to prevent conflicts.

Custom locales

Custom locales enable you to modify any Customer interface text. All texts are editable, and can be easily found by using the browser search function (Ctrl + F on Windows or ⌘ + F on Mac). Simply find the string in the left (English) column, and edit it in the right (translated) column, according to the selected locale.

Some words may appear in multiple strings - make sure you edit the correct string. To see the results of your editing, use the Preview functionality at the top right of the editor screen - you don’t even need to save the locale to preview it on your selected page. When done editing, make sure you save your changes and apply the locale in the Overview section of the Booking page or Master page.

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