Using General links

With General links, prospects are required to provide their personal details during the booking process. A General link might look like this: This link is different from a Personalized link, which enables your prospect to only pick a time to make a booking, without needing to provide additional information.

Please note ScheduleOnce Booking pages only use HTTPS and automatically redirect to HTTPS if HTTP is manually typed by a User. 

You can also tighten your branding and use a custom domain for your Booking page link. If you choose to use your own custom domain, HTTPS is not used. 

Accessing General link

  1. In ScheduleOnce, go to Share & Publish->Link and select the Booking page or Master page in the drop-down. Note that the Booking page theme is applied to your page. You can change it under the Overview section.  Learn more about the Booking page Overview section or the Master page Overview section
  2. In the Customer data step, select General link
  3. Copy the link and paste into your email or web page. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Share & Publish

Changing your link

You can also change the link for your Booking page or Master page.  Learn more about changing your link


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