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The Website embed is one of our powerful Publishing options. The scheduling pane can be embedded into any page on your website, allowing your Customers to schedule without leaving your website. This handy scheduling method creates an effective call to action, motivating your leads and prospects to schedule with you. The embedded pane is fully brandless, and fits into any web page.

ScheduleOnce is the only scheduling platform that can handle the embed height in one of two ways:

  • Fixed height: This is the default option and height is set to 550 pixels. You can change the default height to any number you wish by changing the height property in the code.
  • Responsive height: This will automatically adjust the height to the frame content. To use this method you must delete the height property in the code.

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Embedding a scheduling pane is an effective solution for several business flows:

  • Offer scheduling to any site visitor.
  • Offer scheduling selectively - only to prospects who fill out your web form.
  • Offer scheduling even more selectively - only to top prospects based on your criteria.

Learn more about using the Website embed in business flows 


To add the Website embed to your website, you will need:

  • A ScheduleOnce Member or Administrator.
  • A webmaster or direct access to your company website’s code.

How to embed your page onto your website

  1. Log into ScheduleOnce and go to Share & Publish.
  2. In the Website embed tab, select the Booking page or Master page you want to embed on your website.
  3. In the Customer data step, select to have Customers fill out the Booking form, or select a Web form integration option. 
  4. Now simply copy the code provided, and paste into the right location on your website.
  5. Optional: If you have some basic understanding of CSS, consider applying advanced customization (embed frame height and width), on top of the aforementioned core settings.

Note You must replace the Website embed code added to your web pages if you change the Website embed settings. However, you can always edit the Booking page settings, Master page settings, and the theme design without updating the code on your web pages. 

 The embedded frame layout when width is between 900 – 541 pixels 

The embedded frame layout when width is between 540 – 320 pixels

Not supported

  • The embedded interface is an HTML 5 app and is not supported on old browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer. Learn more about our System requirements
  • Please note that the embed code contains JavaScript, which might be blocked by some low-cost web hosting providers. In this case, you will not be able to embed ScheduleOnce in this website.

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