Master page reports

OnceHub reports cover all booking activity. Reports can be generated based on different dimensions: by Customer, by Booking page, by Event type, by Master page, and by User.

Master page reports are similar to Booking page reports, but instead of having to view each Booking page separately, the Master page report provides a consolidated view of all activity within that Master page. Master page reports only display the activity in included Booking pages when bookings are made via the Master page. 

In this article you'll learn about Master page reports. Access your Master page reports by going to Setup -> OnceHub setup -> Hover over the left sidebar -> Reports -> Master page reports.

Master page summary report

Master page summary reports help you understand booking activity by Master page. For each Master page, you can see how many bookings have been Scheduled, Rescheduled, Completed, Canceled, or set to No-Show. This gives you insight into overall Master page activity and how it is divided between the different Master pages.

By default, Master pages in the Summary report are sorted by Activity, meaning the Master page with the highest number of activities will be at the top of the list. To change how the report is sorted, click any of the column headers.


If you move an activity to the Trash, it will be included in reports until deleted. The activity will display as being (In Trash). After they are permanently deleted, any fields related to this deleted activity will not show up in reports. Learn more

Deleting activities is a new feature being rolled out gradually. If you do not see this option in your Activity stream and it's necessary for your account management, please contact us and we'd be happy to turn it on for you.

If a Master page was deleted, the Master page report will still show all the activities that were generated from this Master page, provided they were generated during the reporting date range. The deleted Master page will be shown in gray text with [deleted] next to it.

Master page detail report

To view a detailed report of the booking activity for a specific Master page, click on the Master page in the Master page column. Here, you can see a complete booking log for the specific Master page.

By default, the bookings are sorted by Meeting date and time. To change how the report is sorted, click any of the column headers.

Exporting a Master page report

You can export a Master page report as an Excel, CSV, or PDF file. To export a report, click on the Excel, CSV or PDF button in the top right corner of the report page (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Export report buttons

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