Time slot display

In this article, you will learn how to set booking duration and how to control when time slots are offered to Customers. To edit the Time slot display settings, go to Setup -> click your Booking page -> Time slot settings section. 

NoteIf you have linked your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Time slot settings section will be on the Event type instead of on the Booking page. Learn more 

  • Time slot duration: You can set a fixed or variable duration that Customers can choose from. If you want to allow Customers to select the duration, simply define the selection range and set the default value that you want to use. Please note, variable duration (when the Customer chooses the meeting duration) is not available when using Event types.
  • Starting times: Control the time on the hour in which time slots can start. For example, on the hour, on the half hour, or any other time in 5 minute increments.
  • Time slot spacing: The minimum gap between time slot starting times. For example, time slots should start every two hours.
  • The combination of the above settings is very powerful, as it allows you to model almost any starting times scenario. For example, time slots should start on the 15 minute of every two hours.
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