Creating Categories for Booking pages or Event types

Categories allow you to group your Booking pages and Event types according to your specific scheduling scenarios. You can use categories exclusively within the admin interface, rendering them invisible to Customers, or you can make categories visible to Customers on your Booking pages and Master pages.

When you use categories to organize the admin interface, your Event types and Booking pages can be organized in an intuitive and functional structure that will make it easier to manage department or cross-department roles and ownership in your organization. When combined with User management, you streamline your administrative tasks, resulting in greater business efficiency.

When visible to Customers, categories enable you to better model your scheduling scenarios. They are an important way to organize information so that the Customer experiences a simple decision process. This results in a booking process that is faster, easier to navigate, and creates a better overall scheduling experience for your Customers.

To create a New Category, follow the steps below:

  1. In Setup, click on the Action menu  at the top of the Event types or Booking pages column, and select New Category. Another way to create a new Category is by clicking New next to the Category field on the Overview section of an Event type or a Booking page. (See Figure 1) 
    Figure 1: Setup page
  2. A New Category pop-up window appears. (See Figure 2)
    Figure 2: New Category popup
  3. Select the category visibility. You can choose to have the category visible internally only or to your Customers as well.
  4. When creating categories to be visible on the Customer side, consider which scheduling process you want to implement and how it will impact the user experience. Learn more about Categorized items in Master pages and Categorized Event types in Booking pages
  5. Enter a Name and an optional Description (up to 2,000 characters). The length of the name is limited to 45 characters. If you choose to have the category visible to Customers, this is what your Customers will see during the category selection step in the booking process.
  6. Add an optional Image. The recommended size is 70x70 pixels and supported formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Maximum size is 200KB. This image will be displayed for Customers to see during the category selection step in the booking process.
  7.  Click Save. The new category is now added to the list. Now you can include Booking pages or Event types in your category by dragging and dropping Booking pages or Event types into the category or by defining it in the entity's Overview section

NoteWhen a Master page includes Event type categories or Booking page categories that are visible to Customers, you can define labels and selection instructions in the Master page Labels and instructions section.

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