Introduction to InviteOnce Resource pools

Resource pools allow you to dynamically assign meetings among a group of Team members or Rooms in the same department, location, or with any other shared characteristic. Each Resource pool has its own method for assigning meetings. 

As meetings are scheduled, you will be able to monitor how many meetings each Team member receives and ensure an optimal distribution of meetings at any point in time.

Assignment Methods

  • Strict round robin - This method is organization-focused and should be used if achieving an equal distribution of meetings is most important. Meetings are assigned to the next Team member in line.  Learn more about the Strict round robin assignment method
  • Flexible round robin - This is a hybrid method that should be used if achieving an equal distribution of meetings is important, but you would still like to retain some level of flexibility when it comes to meeting assignment. When you schedule a meeting, the next-in-line Team member is automatically selected but you can choose to manually override the selection if, for example, the original Team member doesn't have enough available time slots. Learn more about the Flexible round robin assignment method
  • Pooled availability - This method is availability-focused and should be used if providing the maximum number of time slots is most important. If you choose the pooled availability assignment method, the availability of all resources within the resource pool are pooled into one calendar. When a time slot is selected, the meeting is assigned to one of the available resources. Learn more about the Pooled availability assignment method

Resource pool sections

  • Overview - This section gives you a summary of your Resource pool’s main properties, including the Assignment method, Measurement cycle and included Team members. You will also see real-time booking metrics including the total number of meetings assigned in your pool, the average number of meetings per Team member, and the most and least assigned Team member. Learn more about the Overview section
  • Resources - This section is where you determine which Team members are included in your Resource pool. For each Team member, you will see:
    • Date joined
    • Whether they are actively participating and receiving meetings
    • The number of meetings each Team member has received
    • The number of meetings removed. 
  • You will also see the average number of meetings per Team member. If you are using the Round robin distribution method, you will be able to toggle the Compensate for removed meetings ON or OFF. Learn more about the Resources section

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