OnceHub cookies

How OnceHub uses cookies with our chatbots, forms, booking calendars, and booking pages.


While engaging with you through OnceHub, two cookies are added to the visitor's browser. They are saved locally to their device. 

These cookies are intended to provide a positive experience to your visitors. One allows them to keep their conversation history during an active session. The other manages consent for capturing statistical data about returning visitors. 


Cookie namePurposeDescriptionDuration
oh_conversationKeeping track of conversation historyUntil the session expires, the visitor can idle or refresh the site without losing their conversation history.30 minutes
oh_identifyAnalytics and anonymous contact identifierCaptures a visitor’s consent for gathering statistical data.

Assigns a unique, anonymous contact ID to the visitor until the cookie expires.

If the visitor revokes consent through a cookie banner, or analytics is turned off, no analytics will be generated. The cookie will expire after 30 minutes rather than 90 days. 
90 days

For more details on how we manage and protect your data, see our data privacy section and cookie policy.

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