Sending SMS notifications to Customers

You can send SMS notifications to your Customers to keep them up-to-date about the booking they made with you. Sending SMS notifications in addition to email provides an extra notification channel and makes it more likely that your Customers will attend their meetings with you.

The following steps need to be taken in order to activate SMS notifications to your Customers:

1) Ask for the Customer’s mobile number in the Booking form

When your Customers make a booking with you, they fill out a Booking form with their information. The Booking form is where you collect your Customer’s mobile number. The Booking forms are customized via the Booking forms editor. Go to Setup and open the left sidebar. Select Tools -> Booking forms editor.

  1. Select the Booking form you wish to use.
  2. Make sure that the Mobile phone field is included in the form.
  3. If the Mobile phone field is not included, add it by selecting it from the System fields pane on the right.
  4. If you want to enable SMS notifications, check the “Enable SMS” checkbox.
  5. You can also choose to make the Mobile phone field mandatory. This means that the Customer must enter text in this field in order to make the booking.
  6. Make sure the Booking form is saved and note the name. You will need it for the next step.

Learn more about the Booking forms editor

The default setup of the default Booking form includes the Customer’s mobile phone as an optional field. This means it will appear in the Booking form, but the Customer can choose whether or not to leave a mobile number.

When enabling SMS notifications, the opt-in/opt-out checkbox will be included in the Booking form. However, when the Booking form is skipped, the checkbox will be displayed when the Customer chooses a time for the booking. Booking form skipping can be used with Personalized links, web form integration and login integration.

2) Select the Booking form in the Booking page settings

Once you have added the Mobile phone field to the Booking form you wish to use, you will need to make sure that this Booking form is the one selected in your Booking page. To do this, go to Setup -> Relevant Booking page -> Booking form -> Select the Booking form from the dropdown menu.

A preview of the Booking form can be seen below the dropdown menu. The preview includes all fields in the Booking form, in the exact order in which they will appear to your Customers. If you wish to edit the Booking form, click the 'edit' link.

NoteIf you link your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Booking form section is moved to the Event type. If you want to customize the Booking form on your Booking pages, you can change this in Event type sections.

3) Select SMS notifications in the Customer notifications section

The Customer notifications section is where you select which Customer notification scenarios you wish to send SMSes for. Find this section by going to Setup -> Booking page -> Customer notifications.

  1. Open the Customer notifications section.
  2. Select the Notification scenarios you wish to send SMSes for by selecting the SMS checkbox next to the scenario.
  3. Press the Save button at the bottom when you are finished.

NoteIf you link your Booking page to at least one Event type, the Customer notifications section is moved to the Event type. If you still want to customize Customer notifications on your Booking pages, you can change this in Event type sections.

Learn more about the Customer notifications section and the Customer notification scenarios.

4) Ensure you have SMS credits available

In order to send SMS notifications, you need to have SMS credits available. You can view the SMS credits available in your account by clicking on your profile image or initials in the top right corner and selecting Subscription and billing from the dropdown menu.   

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