Creating Panel meetings

Panel meetings allow your clients to meet multiple members of your team simultaneously. When a Customer visits your Master page, they will only see availability for possible panel combinations. You can choose specific team members or members of a Resource pool to participate in your Panel meetings.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a Panel meeting.


To create a Panel meeting, you must be a OnceHub Administrator.

How to create a Panel meeting

  1. Go to Setup and click on the Plus button in the Master page pane. The New Master page pop-up appears. (See Figure 1)
    Figure 1: New Master page pop-up
  2. Fill in the details of your Master page in the pop-up. For the scenario, select Rule-based assignment. Click Save & Edit.
  3. Go to the Assignment section of the Master page. In the Rule types step, select Dynamic.
  4. In the Event-based rules step, click Add rule. Select the Event types that you want to offer in your Master page. 
  5. Under Primary team member, choose a Booking page or Resource pool. The Primary team member owns the calendar event and determines the settings of the meeting, including the location, the Booking form, the post-scheduling flow, notifications and third-party integrations. If you select a Resource pool as your Primary team member, bookings will be assigned to Team members according to the pool's distribution method.
  6. Under Additional team members, select additional Booking pages and/or Resource pools to participate in the meeting. Additional team members are added as guests/attendees to the Primary team member’s calendar event and are cc'd on all notifications sent to the Primary team member. You can select an unlimited number of Additional team members. Press Save.
  7. Now move on to the Labels and Instructions section. Here you can define the Public labels and Selection instructions for your Master page. You should define what a Panel member represents, such as a consultant, interviewer, advisor, or team member. Press Save.
  8. Move on to the Public content section and define the information that Customers will see when they visit your Master page.

You are all set! When Customers visit your Master page, they will be able to book a time to meet with multiple Team members simultaneously.

NoteThe existing associations between Booking pages and Event types do not matter. Any Booking page can be selected to participate in your Panel meeting.

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